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SolarLight Company Inc SolarMeter® 6.2 'UVB Meter' The Solarmeter® 6.2 will revolutionise the way you look at UV lighting for reptiles! Especially the .. Product #: SOLM-6.2 based on 1 reviews Regular price: $2,490.00 $2,490.00 In Stock
Brand: SolarLight Company Inc
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Weight: 128.00g
Dimensions: 22.90mm x 61.00mm x 106.70mm



The Solarmeter® 6.2 will revolutionise the way you look at UV lighting for reptiles! Especially the UVB wavelength (280-322nm). This product has risen to the top of the respective market for its build quality, accuracy and affordability. This UVB meter allows the user to measure with accuracy the UVB levels in Microwatts per Square Centimeter (µW/cm²) produced by your UVB emitting bulb. This, in turn, allows you to replace the bulb only when the UVB output drops to insufficient levels. A reptile enthusiast or breeder can expect to see returns on investment very quickly by optimising the full life of your UVB bulbs.

Technical Specification

Irradiation Range: 0-1999 µW/cm² UVB
Response: 280-322 nm
Resolution: 1 µW/cm²
Conversion Rate: 3.0 Readings/Sec
Display: 3.5 Digit LCD
Digit Size: 10.2 (mm) high
Operational Temperature: 0°C to 37.8°C
Operational Humidity: 5% to 80% RH
Accuracy: ±10% REF.NIST
Dimensions: 106.7L x 61W x 22.9D (mm)
Weight: 128 (g) Including Battery
Power Source: 9-Volt DC Battery
Lens: UV Glass
Diffuser: Teflon
Agency Approval: CE Mark

Safe Usage of Ultra Violet Meters

  • Wear eye protection when checking UV lamps (UV-block wraparound glasses).
  • Allow lamps to warm-up prior to taking readings (at least 5 min). 
  • When checking ageing of lamps, keep measuring distance and locations constant. 
  • Lamps should be replaced when output drops 30% to about 70% of their original (new) readings. Take an overall reading at exposure distance, or check individual lamps close to the surface. Keep track of hours vs. readings on a chart.
  • If unsure of what original new values were, replace lamp(s) with new ones of the same kind and compare to old ones. 
  • To determine percent UVB divide Model 6.2 reading by Model 5.7 total UV (UVA + B) reading. (See FAQ page).
  • When checking UVT acrylic transmission, take reading through acrylic; then remove acrylic and hold meter sensor at approximately the same distance from the lamp as the acrylic shield was located. If acrylic blocks much UVB it should be replaced. 
  • When using this meter to compare different type lamps, due to their different spectral power distributions, the readings should be considered relative rather than absolute. Although higher output lamps of similar SPD's will generally read higher than lower output lamps, ones that peak near 290-300 nm (as does the meter response) will read higher than ones peaking near 313 nm even if the total UVB output of both is the same. 
  • Do not subject the meter to extremes in temperature, humidity, shock or dust. 
  • Use a dry, soft cloth to clean the instrument. Keep sensor free of oil, dirt, etc. 

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Marchelle Pieterse
02-05-2016 09:39 PM
I absolutely recommend this product to everyone out there that really love their pet and only want the best for their loved ones. I could test the brand new bulbs which I purchased and after testing them returned them because of the pour quality. I would pay the money again- its worth it!
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