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Mega Ray Mega-Ray 70W Metal Halide UVB Bulb The 70W Metal Halide bulb is an externally ballasted light source capable of delivering high levels .. Product #: MR70MH-BUL based on 0 reviews Regular price: $760.00 $760.00 In Stock
Brand: Mega Ray
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 100.00g
Dimensions: 122.00mm x 122.00mm x 150.00mm



Mega-Ray Externally Ballasted Metal Halide Bulbs are a great choice for reptiles that like high-intensity light, this product requires an external ballast to produce a high-intensity burst of electricity to ignite the chemicals and begin to emit light. The 70W bulb is a great choice for a bearded dragon in a small 200 to 400l enclosure it is also useful to use as part of a multi-light-source setup in a larger enclosure when a distance from the surface of the bulb to the top of your reptiles is approx 45cm. 

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